Vanuatu Citizenship And Passport Pricing


CategoriesService FeeGovernment Donation
Single Applicant10,000130,000
Single Applicant + 1 child or dependent10,000140,000
Single Applicant + 2 children or dependents10,000150,000
Couple + 1 child or dependent10,000165,000
Couple + 2 child or dependent10,000180,000
Couple + 3 child or dependent10,000190,000
Couple + 4 child or dependent10,000200,000
Couple + 5 child or dependent10,000210,000
Couple + 6 child or dependent10,000220,000

The total cost for the Vanuatu Citizenship consists in the government fee + Vanuatu City Consultant legal fees + $5000 Due Diligence Fee.  Our fees includes the following services : Company’s management fee, Citizenship application fee, passport printing fee and delivery fee.


Documents Processing Fee
Driver’s license, National ID card,Police clearance and registration of birth, package costs 5,000 USD per person
Business set up + bank account assistance costs 5,000 USD, processing time 4 weeks
Name Change after getting Vanuatu Citizenship: $15,000
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