The Vanuatu Citizenship Application Process

The Vanuatu citizenship application process is the world fastest program.
It’s a straightforward process which takes about 45 days processing time and is divided into 02 stages.


The application process starts with the client’s background check conducted by the FIU ”Financial Intelligence Unit” of Vanuatu. It’s the first step where each applicant should apply to clear it’s eligibility to acquire Vanuatu Citizenship and Passport. It’s a due diligence and background check process on the individuals interested in becoming a Ni- Vanuatu. The FIU processing time takes 1 to 3 working days to get cleared. The documents required are as follows:

Notified Passport Copy

National ID Card


Police Clearance from state of Origin

The FIU fee costs only 5,000 USD


Once the applicant is cleared by the FIU, that means he is eligible to acquire Vanuatu citizenship. At the stage two requires the applicant to submit the full documentation ( check list upon request) and the full government payment. Once the funds are sent to Vanuatu City Consultant, the clearance process of the funds takes about a week to be released. The main important part of the process occurs when the funds are cleared from our account and transferred to the Vanuatu government account ( DSP account ). The local team in Vanuatu submits the full documentation to the citizenship commission for the screening process ( committee sitting ) which happens twice a month. The citizenship certificate and the passport are issued in about 15 days after the committee sitting. At this final stage, our team organizes with the client, the date, and location for the delivery.